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BIA Alaska Region Branch of Transportation Staff

Stuart Hartford, Director, 907-271-6984  or Stuart.Hartford@bia.gov

Joel “Jay” Craft, Supervisor, 907-271-4082 or Joel.Craft@bia.gov

Andrew “Gish” Gichard, Program Support, 907-271-4149 or Andrew.Gichard@bia.gov

Diane Lawrence, Program Support, 907-271-3926 or Diane.Lawrence@bia.gov

Heidi Olson, Program Support, 907-271-4087 or Heidi.Olson@bia.gov

Mayra Paniyak, Program Support, 907-271-4049 or Mayra.Paniyak@bia.gov

David “Jeff” Harman, Supervisor, 907-271-4164 or David.Harman@bia.gov

Greg Smith, POC Engineer, 907-271-4063 or gregory.smith@bia.gov

Randy Yellowtail, POC Tech, 907-271-6441 or Randy.Yellowtail@bia.gov

Marlene Watson, POC Engineer, 907-271-2286 or Marlene.Watson@bia.gov

Andrew White, Supervisor, 907-271-4565 or Andrew.White@bia.gov

Dawna Pearson, POC, 907-271-4158 or Dawna.Pearson@bia.gov

Teresa Stowe, POC Tech, 907-271-2141 or Teresa.Stowe@bia.gov

Thomas Llanos, POC, 907-271-4156 or Thomas.Llanos@bia.gov

Kevin Casey, POC, 907-271-4498 or Kevin.Casey@bia.gov

Ronelle Beardslee, Contract Specialist, 907-271-1712 or Ronelle.Beardslee@bia.gov

Eugene Hubbell eugene.hubbell@bia.gov

Gregory Magee gregory.magee@bia.gov

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