The mission of the Bureau’s Federal Property Management program is to establish and maintain the Federal Property Management system and procedures in order to provide accountability and control of Federally Owned Real and Personal property.  The program provides oversight and technical assistance to the Agencies and Tribal Organizations relative to the bureau’s Federal property management function.

The Property Management program provides direct support to Tribal programs in acquiring excess Federal personal property.  Eligibility to acquire excess federal personal property directly from the Bureau or to become a participant in the program is determined under P.L 93-638 Contract, Grant, or Self-Governance Compact.  Under this authority, Tribal programs may request to participate and potentially acquire excess personal property from the Bureau and other federal agencies. 

Please contact the Property Management personnel for additional instructions and assistance to potentially acquire excess federal personal property.  

Vacant, Property Management Specialist, (907) 271-2135 or 

Vacant, Property Program Assistant, (907) 271-1562 or 

Glenn Ivanoff, Supply Management Officer, (907) 271-4508 or


The Property Management Program was implemented and is regulated by the following:

Title 25 U.S.C Part 900, Indian Affairs Legislation

Title 40 U.S.C Federal Property and Administrative Services Act, as amended

Title 41 CFR, Chapter 101, Federal Property Management Regulations

Title 2, Section 12.5 General Accounting Office Manual