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Housing Improvement

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Housing Improvement Program (HIP) is a Housing Grant Program to help eligible American Indians /Alaska Natives renovate existing housing or build new houses. 

There are four categories of available housing grants:
  • Category (A) $7,500 in safety or sanitation repairs to the house.
  • Category (B) $60,000 renovation to bring your house to standard housing condition.
  • Category (C) A modest house. Can only be provided once.
  • Category (D) Maximum of $75,000 Assistance towards the purchase of a modest house. 
To apply for HIP assistance, submit the following documents to your tribal office:
  1. Complete HIP Application: HIP Application Form
  2. Copy of your Tribal Enrollment Card (Tribal ID)
  3. Proof of Income for Entire Household. 
  4. Proof of Land or obtain a Land lease
  5. Proof of Disability (if claiming disability in HIP Application)

There is no deadline for the HIP application. However, the sooner you turn in your completed application, the sooner it can be processed by your tribal office.

NOTICE FOR APPLICANTS: Do not send HIP assistance application to BIA Alaska Region office. All application documents must be submitted to your tribal office.

If you have questions, please call your tribal office. DO NOT call the BIA HIP office.

NOTICE FOR TRIBES: TAPR is a points-based system using HIP regulations such as: Disability, Age, Household Income, Household Size, etc.  The TAPR deadline changes each year. An annual announcement letter from BIA to the tribal President/Chief will have the TAPR Deadline Date. It is important to mark the TAPR Deadline Date onto your calendar. If the tribe does not meet the annual TAPR deadline then the tribal members will not be considered for the housing grants.

The 2020 TAPR form is now available for Tribes:

The Macro version can be found here

The Manual version can be found here

If tribes have questions about the TAPR form, please call Dewayne Cooper, Housing Improvement Specialist at (907) 271-4178.

Please email the completed TAPR to: dewayne.cooper@bia.gov

HIP FAQs Sheet

HIP funds are distributed to tribes through Public Law 93-638 contracts, self-determination compacts, and BIA offices.  The Housing Improvement Program regulations are published in Title 25, Chapter I, Sub-chapter K, Part 256.


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