The aim of READI is to identify and support Indian owners’ vision for increasing the pace of renewable energy development on Indian lands and identifying additional resources or processes necessary to support that vision.  

Many additional federal agencies have a role with energy development on Indian land.  While the primary focus of READI is to improve BIA programs and procedures, the roles of other federal agencies are also considered regarding related programs and coordination. This is supported through the READI Technical Work Group (TWG), comprised of representatives from other key federal agencies with a role in renewable energy development on Indian land.   

Participating agencies include:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs 
  • Indian Energy Service Center 
  • Division of Energy and Mineral Development 
  • Division of Real Estate Services 
  • Division of Environmental Services and Cultural Resources 
  • Regional Offices 
  • Bureau of Land Management 
  • Appraisal and Valuation Services Office 
  • US Geological Survey 
  • US Department of Agriculture 
  • US Department of Energy 
  • Denali Commission