Indian Affairs

Notice of Changes to Electric Service Fee and Purchase Power Cost

Pursuant to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regulations governing operation and maintenance of power projects, found at 25 CFR 175, BIA Colorado River Agency hereby ....


The Mission of the Branch of Electrical Services is to provide economical, reliable, and available electrical power for residential and commercial use, as well as a development tool for tribal self-determination projects by the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT). The Branch of Electrical Services accomplishes this mission by providing electric services throughout the CRIT Reservation.


All CRA-ES customers, employees and CRA-ES are bound by the regulations in Part 175.110 of Title 25 of the Code of Federal Regulations and the Operations Manual.


The Colorado River Agency - Electrical Service (CRA-ES) is a federally owned electric utility. This Operations Manual provides additional information regarding service policies, practices and procedures that govern service provided by CRA-ES.

CRA-ES will endeavor to provide safe and reliable energy to its customers. The CRA-ES shall use reasonable diligence to supply continuous service; but does not guarantee electric service against interruptions, and is not liable to the customer for damages, personal injuries and losses resulting there from acts of god/nature, nor will such failures constitute a breach of agreement for services.

Looking for the Operations Manual? You can find it here.