SCIP is proud to announce the successful completion of the Thornton substation project. The project was primarily funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This law, a cornerstone of the Investing in America agenda, aims to revitalize and modernize the nation’s infrastructure, creating jobs and fostering economic growth. This milestone achievement signifies a step forward in advancing infrastructure, reliability, and safety.

Improved Reliability

Upgrading key components of the electrical substation enhances the reliability of the power grid, reducing downtime and ensuring a dependable energy supply for more than 10MW of load throughout the Casa Grande Industrial area. There are also additional feeders in the Thornton Substation allowing for redundancy in event of need.

Enhanced Safety

Thornton substation provides a secure environment for the infrastructure, and the upgraded equipment reduces the risk of electrical hazards.

Modernized Infrastructure

The project modernizes substation infrastructure, upgrading to microprocessor-based relaying, fiber optic ready communications, digital metering per feeder, upgraded control house, and SCADA ready substation.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provided targeted funding to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to address critical infrastructure rehabilitation across Indian Country, including BIA’s water and power asset portfolio. The BIL invests approximately $50 million over five years to address critical infrastructure projects at BIA-owned Indian irrigation projects and power utilities, including SCIP. 

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