Indian Affairs and Paperwork Reduction Act Forms

IA-specific forms as well as IA Paperwork Reduction Act forms can be found on this page (see tabs below) along with links to other government websites for specific forms. Additionally, some forms pertaining to the Bureau of Indian Education can be found on this page. Other BIE forms may be accessed on the BIE website:

Please note that the office or program that develops the form must also perform the 508 compliance check (and address any issues), contact the IA Privacy Officer (if applicable), and construct any 'fillable' forms (if applicable). RACA will review forms and provide basic edits, as well as ensure the header contains the date and/or version of the form and the name of the office or program form 'owner.'

Comments and questions related *only* to forms or to the Online Forms webpage may be directed to the IA Forms Manager: **DO NOT SUBMIT ANY FORMS USING THIS EMAIL ADDRESS!**

NOTE: We cannot answer questions regarding Tribal enrollment, ancestry, benefits, CDIB, financial assistance, legal matters, land matters, or ANYTHING other than questions regarding Indian Affairs forms or issues with the Online Forms webpage. Please research BIA's webpages for information regarding these and other issues. For questions regarding tracing your ancestry specifically, please go to the Office of Indian Services' Genealogy webpage.

DOI Forms

If you are a Department of the Interior employee and are trying to locate a DOI form, please go to this webpage:

Standard (SF), Optional (OF), and other Office of Personnel Management Forms are available at:

General Service's Administration SF, OF, and other forms are available at:

***NOTE: forms that are noted in the description as being in MS-Word or Excel format should be opened using Google Chrome (due to issues with Internet Explorer (IE) and Excel/Word)***