Silviculture is the art and science of managing the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of timberlands and woodlands. As part of a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) approved forest management plan, a silviculture prescription provides guidelines to address the diverse needs and goals of Tribes and individual Indian landowners on trust and restricted lands.

Silviculture policy guidance can be found in the General Forestry Regulations (25 CFR Part 163), the Indian Affairs Manual Silviculture chapter (53 IAM 9), and other supporting regulations and memoranda.

The documents below supplement the Indian Forest Management Silviculture Handbook (53 IAM 9-H).


  • Certified Silviculturist Position Task Book (pdf)
    [For guidance on using this task book in lieu of a formal prescription defense, see the national policy memo, "Certified Silviculturist Position Task Book Requirement for Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Foresters – Amendment 1" (NPM-TRUS-45 A1)].

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