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Office of Regulatory Affairs and Collaborative Action

The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Collaborative Action (RACA), formerly known as the Office of Regulatory Management (ORM), is responsible for a broad range of regulatory functions that involve collaboration with all Indian Affairs (IA) bureaus, offices, Tribal partners and other stakeholders, including: facilitating IA’s compliance with the Administrative Procedures Act, Privacy Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, and Negotiated Rulemaking Act; developing and revising regulations to address statutory requirements and IA program issues; serving as the Department’s regulatory contact for IA; managing the Federal Register notice process for IA; and managing IA's Directives System, including providing templates, guidance, and assistance to programs developing and/or updating policies and procedures. RACA also provides consultation assistance as it relates to regulatory efforts and rulemaking, and manages the IA Consultation webpage.

Please note that RACA no longer provides guidance, training, or assistance with the CORE PLUS dispute resolution program within IA.

For more specific information on the functions performed by RACA, please click on the links to the left on this page.

Mailing Address

Indian Affairs
1001 Indian School Road NW
Suite 229
Albuquerque, NM 87104
United States

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