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Winter Jojola-Talburt
Attn: Energy and Mineral Development Program

June 9, 2020 Press Release - Sweeney Announces Applications Sought for IEED TEDC Grants

The Division of Energy and Mineral Development (DEMD) will evaluate TEDC grant proposals received from Federally recognized tribal organizations, Alaska Native Villages, and Tribal Energy Development Programs. The purpose of the TEDC grant program is to develop tribal managerial, organizational and technical capacity needed to maximize the economic impact of energy resource development on Indian land. The TEDC grant gives tribes the ability to develop or enhance their business and regulatory environment for energy resource development.

TEDC Goals include:
  1. To build capacity through the establishment of organizational structure(s) and/or business entity structure(s) capable of engaging in commercial energy development or management activities; and
  2. To provide funding for the development or enhancement of key regulatory activities.
TEDC Projects include:
  • Projects that include: leasing property, meeting lending requirements, entering into standard business contracts, and forming joint venture partnerships.
  • Structures include: tribal business charters under federal law
  • Section 17 Corporations
  • Corporations formed under state and tribal incorporations codes
  • Tribal Utility Authorities formed under federal, state, or tribal code
  • Types of regulatory projects include: the establishment of tribal policies, enactment of tribal regulations for the leasing of surface and subsurface land for energy development pursuant to the HEARTH act, establishment of legal infrastructure for business formation, enactment of ordinances related to regulating and developing energy resources, and adoption of a secured transaction code or memorandum of understanding, compact, or letter of intent with the state to register liens attached pursuant to the code.
  • NOTE: Projects are not limited to the above.
In-House Technical Assistance available:

DEMD offers in-house technical capabilities and services to tribes at no charge.

Resources and Informational Documents: Report Template: Contacts:

Please contact DEMD with any questions or inquiries about the TEDC program or submission process:

Winter Jojola-Talburt / email:

Direct phone: 720 407-0668 or Main phone: 303 969-5270

Proposal Submissions:

Please send tribal resolution, budget, tribal lead contact, and completed proposal and appendices electronically to:

Attn: Tribal Energy Development Capacity

As an alternative, you may send completed proposals via United States Postal Service, FedEx, or United States Parcel Service to:

Winter Jojola-Talburt / email:

Direct phone: 720 407-0668 or Main phone: 303 969-5270

Division of Energy and Mineral Development
Attn: Tribal Energy Development Capacity
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