What is this Virtual Public Hearing About?

The Virtual Public Hearing (Hearing) is to hear and assess comments for the development of the Lower Chinook and Clatsop Judgment Fund Use and Distribution Plan.

Who should attend this Hearing?

Any individual who has basis to believe they are a lineal descendant of the of individuals listed on the 1914 Lower Chinook and Clatsop Payment Roll (1914 Roll) should attend this Hearing. Any tribal entity with all or a portion of its membership descended from the 1914 Roll is also invited to attend.

How do I get a copy of the 1914 Roll?

A copy of the 1914 Roll is available by going to Chinook Public Hearing page and clicking on the link on the page.

How can I prove I am a lineal descendant of an individual on the 1914 Roll?

For the purposes of this hearing, we are not requiring that you provide proof of descendancy from the 1914 Roll. A process and procedure for determining proof of descendancy from the 1914 Roll will be incorporated into the final Plan submitted to Congress for approval.

I do not have lineal descendancy from the 1914 Roll but would like to attend; can I attend?

The Hearing is intended for individuals and tribal entities with lineal descendancy connections to the 1914 Roll.

When is the Hearing?

Thursday, December 2, 2021 beginning at 1:00 pm Pacific Time.

Where is the Hearing?

The Hearing will be held online utilizing the Zoom platform. Preregistration is required.

When and how can I preregister for the Hearing?

Preregistration begins on November 10, 2021 and should be done prior to the start of the Hearing. A registration link with instructions will be provided at the Chinook Public Hearing page beginning on November 10th.

I’m unable attend the Hearing but would like to provide written comment. How do I do that?

Any individual who has basis to believe they are a lineal descendant of the 1914 Roll or any tribal entity with membership descended from the 1914 Roll is invited to provide written comment. Comments should be relevant to the Plan and its development. Please email your comments to: chinook.comments@bia.gov. Written comment may also be submitted to: Chinook Comments, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 911 NE 11th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97232.

What is the deadline for written comment?

The deadline to submit written comment is Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

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