The Biden Administration is considering the development of a 10-year National Plan on Native Language Revitalization. The Plan would lay out a long-term, all-of-government strategy that works with Tribal Nations and, as appropriate, non-profit organizations, subject-matter experts, and other entities for the revitalization, protection, preservation, and reclamation of Native Languages.

The core aspects of the Plan may include a focus on creating a national awareness on the importance of Native languages; recognizing the role the U.S. played in erasing Native languages; integrating Native language learning in mainstream educational systems and the promotion of Native language reclamation in Federal policies; and identifying a wide range of funding and resources for Native language revitalization.

Through consultation, the Administration seeks input from Tribal Leaders and Stakeholders as to:

  1. What existing Federal funding streams and resources are most helpful to your Native language programs, initiatives, or efforts?
  2. What are the barriers and challenges to Native language revitalization and protections?
  3. Aside from increased Federal funding, what more could the Federal government do to support Native Language revitalization, reclamation, and protection?
  4. What elements need to be in a National Plan for Language Revitalization?
  5. What role should Tribes and other have in the National Plan?

Please submit your written input to by 11:59 p.m., October 14, 2022.


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