The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Timber Team helps BIA agencies and Tribes meet their forestry program goals.

This support is particularly helpful for agencies that do not have onsite staff with forestry expertise. For more information, view the BIA Timber Team brochure here.

What You Need

Your agency will need to identify which areas need support and be able to access the


There is no fee to submit a request.

How to Apply

Submit Online

  1. Download and complete the BIA Timber Team Project Request Form
  2. Submit the form to your Regional Director or Regional Forester

All proposals must be submitted to your Regional Director or Regional Forester and approved before the BIA Timber Team can provide any form of support.

Next Steps

Once projects are approved at the regional level, the BIA Timber Team Supervisor will contact your agency to discuss project details, dates, and logistics​.

The local agency should provide georeferenced maps and any available geographic information system (GIS) shapefiles prior to the team’s arrival​​.

Upon arrival, the team will meet with local agency staff to gather any paint, marking guidelines, silvicultural prescriptions, and other gear or supplies as needed.

Local staff should work and assist the BIA Timber Team onsite throughout the duration of their trip, which is normally one to two weeks. The team works 10–12-hour shifts and are available on weekends.