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Contact Regional or Tribal Land Titles and Records Offices

Find out who to get in touch with about Indian land title documents

The Division of Land Titles and Records oversees nine regional and nine Tribal Land Titles and Records Offices (LTROs), develops policy, and provides for the offices’ normal day-to-day operations and maintenance costs. LTROs are the offices of record for all trust and restricted land titles for Tribes and individuals. 

Locations of Land Titles and Records Offices (LTROs)

The online Tribal Leaders Directory map can help you identify the BIA regional and/or agency office that serves you.

Richard Zephier (email: richard.zephier@bia.gov; phone: 605-226-7350) is the Acting Division Chief of the Division of Land Titles and Records.

Region Office Contact Email Phone
Alaska Region Alaska Title Services Center Teresa Estes teresa.estes@bia.gov 907-271-4593
Eastern Oklahoma Region Eastern Oklahoma Regional Office Cristy McSpadden cristy.mcspadden@bia.gov 918-781-4611
Great Plains Region Great Plains Regional Office Charissa Peterson charissa.peterson@bia.gov 605-226-7393
Midwest Region Midwest Region LTRO Heidi Gordon heidi.gordon@bia.gov 715-685-2404
Northwest Region Northwest Regional Office Mary Kay EagleStaff marykay.eaglestaff@bia.gov 503-231-6811
Northwest Region Flathead Realty Office George Ducharme george.ducharme@bia.gov 406-675-2700 ext. 1269
Pacific Region Pacific Regional Office Kimberly Yearyean kimberly.yearyean@bia.gov 916-978-6062
Pacific Region: Palms Springs Area Palms Springs Tribal LTRO Jacob Bradford jacob.bradford@bia.gov 760-416-3289 ext. 259
Rocky Mountain Region Rocky Mountain Regional Office Sandra Two Two sandra.twotwo@bia.gov 406-247-7993
Southern Plains Region Southern Plains Regional Office Jamie Allen jamie.allen@bia.gov 405-247-1673
Southwest Region Southwest Regional Office Irene Lorenzo irene.lorenzo@bia.gov 505-563-3500
Citizen Potawatomi Nation Citizen Potawatomi Tribal LTRO Kacey Foster kacey.foster@bia.gov 405-395-0113
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Colville Agency Office Chrystal Condon chrystal.condon@bia.gov 509-634-2365

Choctaw Nation Choctaw Tribal LTRO Shreda Graham shreda.graham@bia.gov 580-642-6741
Cherokee Nation Cherokee Tribal LTRO Lisa Cunningham lisa.cunningham@bia.gov 918-453-5760
Muscogee Creek Nation Muscogee Creek Tribal LTRO Rachel Langley rachel.langley@bia.gov 918-732-7704
Morongo Band of Mission Indians Pacific Region Agency Office Michael Cannon michael.cannon@bia.gov 951-849-4697 ext. 5235
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Elysia Lupe elysia.lupe@bia.gov 480-362-7976

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