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How to Request Irrigation Services

BIA can provide Irrigation Services to those who qualify.

This form may be used for requesting irrigation water delivery and is subject to having met eligibility requirements. This information is used to determine the customer’s water request, to determine when and where to deliver water; to process a consumer’s request for irrigation service at a single point of delivery designated by 25 CFR § 171.200. This process augments water requests currently in use at your local irrigation project. 

The BIA will endeavor to deliver water as soon as practicably possible. 

What You Need

You will need the Request for Irrigation Services Form, and the mailing address for your local project office. Contact your local irrigation project for details on submitting the form. 

How to Request

By Mail

Step 1: Ensure that you have completed and submitted a Request for Customer Information.

Step 2:  Complete the Request for Irrigation Services Form, print it, sign it, and contact your local project office for details on submitting the form.

C51 Blackfeet Indian Irrigation Project

It provides water for agricultural uses on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is located east and southeast of Glacier National Park, in Glacier and Pondera Counties, Montana

Rocky Mountain


531 SE Boundary St.
Browning, MT 59417

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 880

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