Payment Information:

  • Payments may take 24-48 hours to process to your account.
  • For delinquent bill payments please contact your local BIA Irrigation Office for current balance.
  • If you received a delinquent debt notice from the Department of the Treasury, contact the Debt Management Center toll free at 1-888-826-3127.

How to Pay

Submit Online®

The U.S Treasury’s online payment hub offers multiple electronic payment options, including credit and debit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and payments directly from your bank account. For more information on additional payment options go to the BIA Irrigation Payment Form on

Step 1: Type into a browser. In the Search field, enter ‘BIA Irrigation’. Click “Search”.

Step 2: Select “Continue” on the BIA Irrigation Payment Form.

Step 3: View the BIA Irrigation Office contact information and accepted payment methods, then click “Continue to the Form” in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Select the applicable Irrigation Project in the Irrigation Project dropdown menu. Complete the ‘Bill Number’ and ‘Amount’ fields. Select “+Add Another” to pay more than one bill. Review the information and click “Continue”.

Step 5: Include email address if desired and receive a confirmation that shows your payment was submitted.

Online Bill Payment

Most banks and credit unions offer an online bill payment module which enables you to make electronic payments from your accounts without sharing your bank routing and account numbers. Many allow payments to be scheduled both one time and repeating.

Step 1: Access your bank's online bill pay option.

Step 2: Follow instructions to add new payee 'BIA Irrigation'.

Step 3: Use your Account Number located in the upper right corner of your irrigation bill/coupon.

Step 4: Select the date for the payment, the amount, and confirm the payment.

Additional Payment Option

ACH Credit

Pay your BIA Irrigation Bill with an ACH Credit if your payment amount is greater than $24,999.99.

Contact your local irrigation project for an ACH Credit Payment Information and Form Package.