The 1990 National Indian Forest Resources Management Act (NIFRMA) is the primary statute authorizing federal funds for Indian forest management activities. In addition to an annual Report on the Status of Indian Forest Lands submitted to congress by the Department of the Interior, NIFRMA established an independent assessment of Indian forest lands and management practices to be completed every ten years.

The Division of Forestry (DOF) maintains a cooperative agreement with the nonprofit Intertribal Timber Council (ITC) to assemble a team of independent, nongovernment experts to fulfill NIFRMA’s mandate to evaluate the U.S. Government’s management of Indian forest lands and offer recommendations.

The DOF and ITC work closely on many forestry issues important to Tribes. Among other things, the ITC provides support and assistance to the DOF, such as organizing and managing the Annual National Timber Symposium and the Indian Forest Management Assessment Team. The ITC also plays an incredibly important role in maintaining the connection between the DOF, Tribes, and Tribal forest managers. The DOF provides annual funding to the ITC through the cooperative agreement, and provides additional funding to support the development of the IFMAT report.

Current and former Indian Forest Management Assessment Team (IFMAT) reports can be downloaded at the links below. IFMAT reports are also available from the Intertribal Timber Council website.

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