The Indian Energy Service Center (IESC) provides energy and mineral related support processing to the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) field level offices throughout its various offices and bureaus.

Support functions that IESC provides to specific agencies include:

Agency staff may submit new projects for consideration and initiation to the IESC with the approval of their agency managers or directors.

To nominate a project for energy, renewable energy, and minerals program support, agency managers may fill out the online Request for Indian Energy Service Center Assistance. Agency managers should ensure they have the following key information before submitted a request for assistance:

  1. Contact information for the project.
  2. Brief description of the technical support needed and reasons for the need.
  3. Estimate of the timeframes associated with the workload.
  4. Critical completion/project dates.
  5. Risk posed to DOI if the work is not completed.

Additional information or files necessary to complete the request can be sent to

The IESC will evaluate all nominated projects based on the key information listed above. Due to staffing limitations, not all projects nominated may be selected for assistance. The IESC will keep the bureau offices apprised of the status of their nominations.

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