The Branch of Fisheries, Wildlife and Recreation (BFWR) provides competitive funding to federally-recognized Tribes to hire conservation law enforcement officers (CLEOs) to protect Tribal natural resources.

Federally-recognized Tribes are eligible to apply for CLEO funding if:

  1. The Tribe is responsible for managing fish and wildlife resources on lands held in Trust status.
  2. The Tribe has established Tribal Fish and Wildlife Codes that are enforceable through an established court system.
  3. The Tribe commits to funded CLEO positions obtaining Federal Law Enforcement Training Certification, or a recognized equivalent, within one year of the position being filled.
  4. The Tribe has an established Law Enforcement Handbook or adopts the BIA Law Enforcement Handbook.

How to Apply

Submissions for CLEO funding are now open. New applications for CLEO funding are considered every 5 years. Information on 2024 CLEO applications and deadlines is now available below!

Federally-recognized Tribes may submit an application to the CLEO Program contact at their Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Regional Office. Applications must demonstrate how the Tribe satisfies CLEO eligibility requirements and respond to the application’s factors for consideration.

Successful applicants may be awarded up to $47,000 per CLEO, per year.

Detailed information on the 2024 application for funding and BIA Regional Office contacts are included below.

Previously Funded Conservation Law Enforcement Officer Projects

Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (NAFWS) Conservation Law Enforcement Training

Conservation officers participating in a shooting competition at a NAFWS conference.

Conservation officers participating in a shooting competition at a NAFWS conference.

NAFWS supports Tribal conservation law enforcement officers throughout Indian Country by offering virtual and in-person CLEO training events, as well as purchasing necessary equipment and providing technical assistance.

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