Office of Indian Services - Division of Transportation

The mission if the Division of Transportation is to provide and assist tribes to develop their capacity to plan, construct and maintain safe and efficient transportation networks; and to promote tribal tourism.

The Division of Transportation oversees the road maintenance and road construction programs for the Indian Reservation Roads in Indian Country. Transportation related activities are provided directly and through contracts, grants, and compacts to American Indian and Alaska Natives.

The BIA road system is part of the Indian Reservation Roads system. As public roads, BIA roads and bridges serve as major access for tribal communities through which services are provided or delivered to tribal members and the general public. As public roads, BIA roads are public corridors through which much of the services (educational, medical, commercial and recreation) are provided. In addition, Indian Reservation Roads also provide access to Indian communities, trust and fee lands. As a public authority, the BIA assumes the responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of BIA roads and bridges. The broad definition of BIA roads includes all transportation related facilities used in surface transportation (roads, bridges, ferry terminal, ferry boats, trails, boardwalks, primitive roads and administrative roads to BIA agency offices).