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Start/Stop Service

Indian Affairs

Applications, Service Forms, Budget Billing and Fees/Rates:

For Electrical Service Applications, Service Forms, Budget Billing and Fees/Rate information please contact the Finance Office at (928) 669-7173 or Email at

Privacy Act Statement: The authority for collecting this information is 25 U.S.C 385c and 25 CFR Part 175. The purpose for collecting this information is to provide you electrical utility services and to manage functions such as service orders, billing and collections. Disclosure of this information may be provided to other Government agencies pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974 and routine uses identified in the Electrical Utility Management System’s System of Records, BIA-26. Furnishing this information is voluntary; however failure to provide information will prevent you from receiving electrical service.

Service Fees:

A fee of $25.00 will be charged for reconnection of service due to non-pay and temporary disconnects

There will be a $45.00 service charge for any RETURNED CHECK

Customer service work orders $50.00 minimum

New service connection fee $100.00

Installation of Dusk to Dawn light $250.00 minimum

Tampering fee $1000.00

Overtime charge $200.00

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