Rate Schedule # 2 – COMMERCIAL:

The Commercial electric secondary service shall only be used by the customer, on the customers own premises and shall not be resold.

This classification is available to single or three-phase service. This schedule applies to electrical service required for:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Demand loads registering greater than 25kW two (2) months out of twelve (12) consecutive months, and/or
  • 400 amp services or larger will be classified in a demand rate class.

If more than one meter is required by the customer’s installations, or for the customer’s convenience, a separate billing for each meter is required.

All Commercial secondary service entrances shall be Wye connected services. No new three wire Delta connected secondary service entrances shall be connected to CRA-ES utility services.

CRA-ES shall only supply the following secondary voltages to Commercial customers;

  • 120/240 V
  • 120/208 V
  • 120/240/208 V
  • 277/480 V

Prior to CRA-ES energizing the secondary service, if the total kW demand for the service is greater than 25 kW the customer shall install power factor correction capacitors on all to the service. The goal of power factor correction capacitors is to increase the power factor to unity or 100%.

If the power factor is found to be less than 85% by use of revenue meter registers an adjustment for power factor will be made by increasing the billing demand for each month by 1% for each 1% or major fraction thereof by which the lagging power factor is less than 85%.

Rate Schedule # 2:

$11.40 for the first 100 kilowatt-hours or less.

8.0 cents per kilowatt-hour for the next 900 kilowatt-hours.

6.8 cents per kilowatt-hour for the next 4000 kilowatt-hours.

5.3 cents per kilowatt-hour for all additional kilowatt-hours.

Demand Charge - $14.25 for the first 5 kilowatts, $4.75 per kilowatt for all billing demand over 5 kilowatts.

MINIMUM CHARGE: $14.25 or $4.75 per kilowatt of billing demand for billing demands over 5 kilowatts, or the amount specified in the contract, whichever is greater.

BILLING DEMAND: – The highest 15 minute integrated demand in kilowatts occurring during the month or the demand specified in a contract, whichever is greater.