Regional Director, Alaska Region

Jolene John, known as Arnaqulluk in Yugtun, serves as the regional director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Alaska Regional Office. Previously, she contributed to Tribal Operations and Native Services from 2016-21. She returned to the BIA after a successful tenure as deputy administrator for the Alaska Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) within the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

John possesses significant experience in climate change response initiatives, facilitating Tribal-led community infrastructure enhancements, and bolstering tribal governance structures. As an Alaska Native, she deeply values the cultural and subsistence lifestyle inherent to her heritage.

Arnaqulluk is an enrolled member of the Nunakauyarmiut Tribe, situated in Toksook Bay, Alaska. She is the daughter of the late Traditional Chief Kangrilnguq Paul John and Anguyaluk Martina John.


Jolene John

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