The Tribal Assistance Coordination Group (TAC-G) is a Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC) group that assists Federally Recognized Tribes during emergencies and disasters, as well as providing information and technical assistance for tribal emergency management programs.

The TAC-G consists of partners from all levels of government (Tribal, Federal, State, county, local, etc.) as well as non-profit aid organizations and the private sector. It is identified as a unique coordinating structure in the National Response Framework and is instrumental in executing the responsibilities of the Tribal Coordination Support Annex (TCSA) in the National Response Framework’s Emergency Support Function #15.

The goal of the TAC-G is to provide a focused point of coordination or “one-stop-shop” for Tribes who are impacted by emergencies or disasters. The extremely wide array of partners that have emergency management responsibilities and capabilities can be overwhelming for Tribes that do not yet have fully developed emergency management programs and/or resources. The TAC-G connects these partners as a single unit to deliver necessary resources and capabilities for unmet needs in as effective and efficient a manner as possible.

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  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Emergency Management Program Celebrates Tribal Sovereignty and Tribal Identity

    2023 BIA OEM Staff

    When a crisis such as natural disaster threatens a Tribe, BIA does not hesitate to act to provide immediate and coordinated assistance upon request. This isn’t only because we have a trust obligation, it is often because the individuals most impacted are our own employees, relatives and loved ones who need help and assistance. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) employees are both the servants and beneficiaries of our own work.

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