You should follow these guidelines when creating a page with information about person connected to the Bureau of Indian Affairs such as a public official.

Field Information

  • Legal Name: Write the person’s legal name in this format: first name + middle initial + last name
  • Content Owner: Use the drop-down menu to select the office that will manage this page
  • JobTitle: Write the official title for the person
  • Organization: List the specific organization that the person is in part of
  • Bio:
    • BioPicture: Add or upload an image of the person, ideally a "portrait" or "headshot" photo
    • Biography: Add both a summary and full-text version of the person’s biographical information
      • Summary: Enter a short description of the duties of the person's position
      • Long Text: Enter all the person's complete biography, which will often include information about their achievements, experiences, and education
  • Contact Us:
    • Office Name: List office name relevant to the contact
    • Address: List the mailing address associated with the contact person
    • City: List the city of the person’s mailing address
    • State: List the state of the person’s mailing address
    • Zip: List the zip code of the person’s mailing address
    • Phone: List the office contact number associated with the contact person
    • Phone Call Hours: List the hours of availability for calls for the person
    • Fax: List the fax number of the contact person
    • Email: List the email address of the contact person

Additional Information

Contact Us

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