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Guide for Event Service Page

Use this guide to help you create a page about Bureau of Indian Affairs events

You should follow these guidelines when creating a page to publicize information about events (e.g., consultations, meetings, or workshops) sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Field Information

  • Event Title: Write a concise and descriptive title for your event. This is often the first thing users will see when they visit this section of the site. The title should clearly reflect the content being represented, while also being easily searchable to your potential audience.

  • Content Owner: Use the drop-down menu to select the office that will manage this page

  • Related Office: Use the drop-down menu to choose the office sposoring or organizing the event

  • Banner Image: Choose or upload an image that provides a visual description of the event

    • Whenever possible, you should to use a high-quality image that isn't blurry or pixelated. You can also use a general image related to the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the Department of Interior. Please check that you have the rights to use all images that you upload and provide necessary photo credit.

    • Once you've uploaded your banner image, you'll be prompted to provide alternate text (also known as “alt-text,” which tells users the content of an image when it doesn't show on their screen), a title, and a caption. Be sure to provide the appropriate information for each of these fields to meet official compliance and accessibility standards.

      • Alternate Text: Write a keyword description of the image that will be used by screen reading tools to "describe" the image. By choosing appropriate word or phrases, you can improve the searchability of your topic with this description.

      • Image Title: Write a brief description of the image that will be displayed when a user places their cursor over the image.

      • Caption: Write a description of the image that will explain it to all users who view it on the page. This is also an appropriate place to provide photo credits.

  • Event Type: Use the drop-down menu to choose what kind of event is being held

  • Date Range: Add start and end date and time information

    • Time Zone: Choose the most appropriate time zone for the people who plan to attend your event

  • Event Attendance Mode: Choose how people can attend your event among four options: "In-Person," "Online," "Conference Call," or "Both." Use "Both" if people can attend "In-Person" as well as "Online" and/or via "Conference Call."

  • Event Location

    • Teleconference: Add the necessary information required for people to connect to a conference call (e.g., phone number and password)

    • Virtual Location: Add the necessary information required for people to connect online (e.g., event link and password)

    • Physical Location: For in-person events, provide the physical address for where the event will be held including the city, state, and zip code.

      • Map URL:

        • Title: Provide a descriptive title for the link to an online map showing the event location (e.g., View the event location on a map) 

        • URL: Add the link to an online map that shows the event location. Learn how to get this link from Google Maps.

  • Event Description: Write a short description of what your event is about

    • Edit Summary: Click on this link to write a brief summary of what your event is about

  • Agenda: List the agenda or schedule for your event

  • Sign Up: Explain how people can register for your event

  • Contact Us:

    • Office Name: List the name of the office sponsoring or organizing the event
    • Address: List the mailing address of the office associated with the event
    • City: List the city of the office's mailing address
    • State: List the state of the office's mailing address
    • Zip: List the zip code of the office's mailing address
    • Phone: List the office phone number associated with the contact person for the event
    • Phone Call Hours: List the hours of availability for calls for the person
    • Fax: List the fax number for the contact person
    • Email: List the email address for the contact person

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