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Why are you collecting my Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)?

Submitted by Allen, Christopher J on Tue, 07/13/2021 - 21:07

This information is being collected from individuals and organizations doing business with the BIA as required under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 (DCIA).  The principal purpose for collecting this information is for billing, including collections, proper payment application and debt management actions. Failure to provide your TIN may result in ineligibility for irrigation service, waiver, or payment plan.  If the agency is required to file documents with the IRS identifying you, you are required to furnish your TIN pursuant to Treasury Regulation §301.6109-1(b).  If you do not have a TIN, SSN, EIN, or other TIN, you are required to obtain one.  Failure to provide this information, may result in a $50 fine per document filed with the IRS per Treasury Regulation §301.6721.

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