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What if you are experiencing financial hardship, you are a landowner and your land is not leased?

Submitted by ChristopherJ.A… on Tue, 07/13/2021 - 21:07

BIA may approve a Payment Plan per 25 CFR § 171.550 if:

  • You certify that you are financially unable to make a lump sum payment;
  • You provide additional information we request, which may include information identified in 31 CFR 901.8, ‘‘Collection in installments’’; and
  • You sign our Payment Plan containing terms and conditions we specify.

Contact your local irrigation office to get started.  You must apply within 30 days of the bill due date.

Note: You will incur additional costs if you are granted a Payment Plan per 25 CFR § 171.555. Payment Plans are not available for Supplemental Bills, for landowners with an outstanding delinquency, or to landowners who have defaulted on a Payment Plan within the previous six years.


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