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What can happen if I don't pay my bill on time?

Submitted by ChristopherJ.A… on Tue, 07/13/2021 - 21:07
  • BIA will not provide you with irrigation service until your bill is paid or you arrange a payment plan within 30 calendar days after the due date. 

  • If you do not pay your bill prior to the close of business on the 30th day after the due date, BIA considers your bill past due. The BIA will send you a notice and assess you with the following:

    • interest at the rate established by the Secretary of the Treasury in accordance with 31 U.S.C. 3717 from the original due date;

    • an administrative charge of $12.50; and

    • 90 days after the due date, your bill shall be assessed with a penalty charge of 6 percent per year accruing from the original due date.

  • BIA will forward your past due bill to the U.S. Treasury, no later than 180 days after the original due date, as required by 31 CFR 901.1.  In addition, per current U.S. Treasury policy, you may be charged fees in excess of 30%.

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