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    In an effort to ensure that students progress through the levels of their elementary and secondary education with unbiased judgment and adequate transparency for both students and parents, the BIE has developed two draft policies regarding student progress, promotion, and certificates of completion. The purpose of these two policies is to make certain that student promotion is based on the meeting of minimum standards, with high school graduation marking the culmination of a student’s K-12 education, in recognition of all the learning that occurred during that journey.  The conference of a diploma serves as a foundation for the next phase of a young person’s life, further education and career. BIE understands that in some instances students with the most significant cognitive disabilities may not be able to meet the requirements of a standard high school diploma. In such instances, the BIE desires to give students access to a certificate of completion.  The BIE encourages schools/districts to support students with disabilities in seeking and obtaining a standard high school diploma whenever possible. However, the BIE recognizes that for some students with the most significant cognitive disabilities a certificate of completion may be appropriate.  

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