The Branch of Wildland Fire manages 9 national helitack programs that focus on protecting tribal assets, including supporting natural resource and law enforcement efforts. Helitack programs also support special mission efforts such as prescribed burning, fire rehabilitation, personnel transports—including Tribal Officials and Administrative flights, wilderness study flights, search and rescues, and forest management flights.

  • Seminole Helitack BIA Forest Office
  • Red Lake Helitack
  • Crow Helitack
  • Mescalero Helitack
  • Ute Mountain Helitack
  • Ute Mountain Helitack
  • Ft. Washakie Helitack
  • Fort Apache Helitack
  • Navajo Helitack
  • Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes - Helitack KSKT Helitack Base

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