Cara Wallace, 2013 summer intern

Cara Wallace

Interned with the Office of the Assistant Secretary-IndianAffairs

Carley Yates, 2013 summer intern

Carley Yates, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the Department of the Interior University

"The overall experience was fantastic. I have learned so much since I have been here. I have grown not only in experience, but as in a person as well."

Major: Chemistry w/concentration in Criminalistics, Minor: Math
University of Oklahoma

Chris Little, 2013 summer intern

Chris Little, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with, the BIA Office of Justice Sevices

"The overall experience was fantastic. I have learned so much since I have been here. I have grown not only in experience, but as in a person as well."

Chemistry in a Concentration in Criminalistics with a Minor in Math
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Clay Hooton, 2013 summer intern

Clay Hooton, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the Office of Youth Services, Office of the Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs

"My experience during my internship has been wonderful. The amount I have learned about the mechanics of a government agency is more than I could ever comprehend from a textbook alone. I have been part of solutions and discussions of real world issues facing Indian Country. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is doing great things for Natives throughout the country and to be even a small part of it is truly rewarding. As a Business Major, I have always been interested in the administrative/management side of organizations. My supervisors recognized this interest of mine and went out of their way to invite me to meetings and conference calls with the Senior Leadership of the Bureau. I am extremely grateful of my tribe's willingness to allow me to be here in Washington this summer."

University of Oklahoma
Business Administration

Darcy Odom, 2013 summer intern

Darcy Odom, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with th Deputy Assistant Secretary - Management

"I gained a vast amount of experience by being able to shadow the Deputy Assistant Secretary-Mangagement and learn what he and his staff are doing on a regular basis and what they are trying to accomplish for Indian country. I was tasked with creating several pieces of executive correspondence that were distributed to Tribal Chairmen and US Senators, as well as made different budgetary spreadsheets relating to how the money appropriated to the BIA and central office should and will be allocated to the tribes within the 12 BIA regions. I have learned a lot about how budgeting is done, especially within the government at this time, when money is not abundant. I am very happy to have been a part of this office because tribes are counting on their hard work and budgeting to provide them with either direct service or the funding necessary to continue to exercise their self governance. "

Dillion Duke, 2013 summer intern

Dillon Duke, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the Office of Indian Trust Services

"Interning at the BIA was a major eye opener as to the inner workings of our government and how they handle the needs of the people. Over the course of my internship, I worked on reading and organizing correspondents from Congressman and tribal leaders from across the US. These correspondents pertained to cries of help by American Indian land owners attempting to maintain land rights to tribes looking to reclaim lost lands. This internship has truly helped me understand the process in which these pleas are answered and work to improve the well being of the people."

University of Oklahoma
Major: International Security Studies & Arabic
Minor: Naval Science

Jaron Noisy Hawk, 2013 summer intern

Jaron Noisy Hawk, (Oglala Lakota Sioux)

Interned with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Trust, Realty Services

"Interning with the Office of Trust, Realty Services, has been an enlightening and invaluable experience. As an Intern, I have been exposed to the rich history of American Indian and Federal Government relations through my internship duties of federal records management and through meeting with the wonderful staff of various offices within the BIA Central Office. Having had the career goal of working for the Federal Government before coming to this internship, I can say I've come away with the resolve and fortitude necessary to continue along that particular career path."

George Washington University
English Literature, Minor in Political Science

Jordon Jones, 2013 summer intern

Jordan Jones, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the Office of Indian Services, Division of Transportation

"Through this internship at the Division of Transportation in Indian Services, I have gained knowledge of what leadership looks like and should be. I also made connections with people that I could not have made anywhere else. It was awesome to see how the Indian nations function today and working at the BIA has really opened my eyes to many of Indian Country's issues."

University of Arkansas
Civil Engineering

Paris Burris, 2013 summer intern

Paris Burris (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with th Office of the Director, BIA

"Having the opportunity to intern for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, DC over the summer has proved to be a once in a lifetime experience. In a highly challenging and fast-paced work environment, I felt encouraged to perform to my greatest abilities and was assured that the work I was developing was important and useful. From networking to hands-on exposure, this internship has further instilled in me the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue my career goals."

Oklahoma City Community College

Sara Miller, 2013 summer intern

Sara Miller, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the BIA Office of Justice Services

"This experience was amazing and I enjoyed my internship more than I could have imagined.I am beyond grateful that I was allowed the opportunity to work with the people in the Office of Justice Services. From the very first day, I was accepted and treated as an equal. Everyone made me feel welcome and helped me make the most of my experience in Washington, DC. Even though professionalism was a top priority for all of us in OJS, there was a bond between each of us that made me feel more at home. The people I worked with were like my family while during my six week stay. Through this internship, my career aspirations have been validated. I cannot imagine doing anything else other than working in the criminal justice system. I will walk away with new friends and an unforgettable experience."

University of Oklahoma

Shane Jemison, 2013 summer intern

Shane D. Jemison, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the Office Of Indian Gaming (OIG)

"The greatness in this experience is the exposure to many issues that effect tribal citizens across the nation. The opportunities to learn in Washington DC is absolutely unlimited whatever career field you plan to go into. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn from your peers, you are also within minutes of Capitol Hill and as well as many other historical landmarks and museums that you can learn from while you are here."

"If you are wanting an opportunity to learn and gain experience that you will use forever then this program is most certainly for you. Come with a courageous mindset and a positive attitude and you will leave this program having gained very useful experience."

Oklahoma State University
Political Science-Pre-Law
Minor: Economics

Tammy Trajillo, 2013 summer intern

Tammy Trujillo, (Navajo)

Interned with the Bureau of Indian Education

"Working at the Bureau of Indian Education has been an informative and satisfying experience. I have been given a variety of projects involving policy, research, and reporting. I also was given the opportunity to write an article about the peer pressures of alcohol and drug use in a college setting. While working here, I learned about the different polices involved with American Indian and Alaskan Native education, as well as what BIE provides for the students across on and off reservation schools."

Northern Arizona University
Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice/Criminology

Victoria Callahan, 2013 summer intern

Victoria Callahn, (Chickasaw Nation)

Interned with the Office of Indian Services, Human Services

"I had the pleasure of working in the Department of Human Services with some amazing people. It was an experience that I am extremely grateful for and one I will never forget. I gained a greater sense of direction for my future career in social work by having the opportunity to work with Sue Settles, my supervisor. I not only feel as if I advanced myself professionally, but I would also like to mention that I made personal connections with other individuals in the office. They all made me feel right at home and I am than thankful for that. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I will walk away a woman changed for the better."

Southeast Missouri State University
Social Work