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For Immediate Release: October 1, 1959

Martin M. Zoller, Superintendent of the Klamath Indian Agency in Oregon since 1956, will be the new superintendent at the Uintah and Ouray Agency, Fort Duchesne, Utah, effective October 4, the Department of the Interior announced today.

He succeeds Darrell Fleming who recently transferred to the Cherokee Agency in North Carolina.

A native of Soudan, Minnesota, Mr. Zoller first came with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1931 as a junior clerk at the Consolidated Chippewa Agency in Minnesota., Subsequently he served in administrative positions at Bismarck, North Dakota; at the Red Lake Agency, Minnesota; the Rosebud Agency, South Dakota; Consolidated Ute Agency, Colorado; and the Crow and Fort Peck Agencies, Montana. In 1955 he moved to the Klamath Agency as administrative officer and the following year was appointed superintendent.

Since activities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs at the Klamath Agency have been reduced substantially as a result of the termination program, the Bureau does not plan to name a successor as superintendent. After Mr. Zoller's transfer, the officer in charge will be Earle Wilcox, sales manager, who has his office in Klamath Falls.