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For Immediate Release: November 20, 1959

The Department of the Interior announced today the appointment of Harold W. Schunk as Superintendent of the Rosebud Indian Agency, Rosebud, South Dakota, effective November 27. He succeeds Graham E. Holmes, whose transfer to the Gallup Area Office in New Mexico, as Assistant Area Director for resources, was effective today.

Mr. Schunk has been with the Bureau since 1933 when he was appointed camp manager on emergency conservation work at Rosebud, S. Dak. His duties with the Bureau have included a principalship at the Cherry Creek, S. Dakota day school; agricultural instructor and education specialist at the Cheyenne River boarding school; and in March, 1953, he became administrative officer at the Sisseton Agency, Sisseton, So. Dakota. In November, 1954, he was promoted to the position of Superintendent and assigned to the Turtle Mountain Agency at Belcourt, N. Dak. Since June 30, 1957, he has been Superintendent of the Standing Rock Agency, at Fort Yates, North Dakota.

He was born July 25, 1907 at Philip, S. Dak., and is a graduate of Southern State Teachers College, Springfield, S. Dak., where he received his B.S. degree in 1931.

Born at Whitefield, Oklahoma, February 13, 1913, Mr. Holmes came with the Bureau as Probate Attorney with headquarters at Wewoka, Okla., in March, 1951, and later became Area Counsel at the Aberdeen, So. Dakota Area Office. Prior to his appointment as Superintendent of the Rosebud Agency in May, 1956, he was program officer in the Aberdeen Area Office. He holds a law degree from the University of Arkansas.