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For Immediate Release: December 19, 1980

Regulations governing the preparation of three separate rolls of Delaware Indians eligible to share in the distribution of $4 million in Indian Claim Commission awards were published December 17, 1980 in the Federal Register, Commissioner of Indian Affairs William Hallett announced today.

The regulations which will become effective on January 16, 1981, implement legislation, enacted August 1, 1980, requiring the Secretary of the Interior to prepare rolls of certain Delaware Indians eligible to share in the distribution of the judgment funds.

The three rolls to be prepared by the Bureau of Indian Affairs are: 1) a tribal membership roll of the Delaware Indians of Western Oklahoma; 2) a descendancy roll of Kansas and Idaho Delaware excluded from participating in an earlier award to the Delawares; and 3) a descendancy roll of Cherokee, Kansas and Idaho Delawares.

For further information about the regulations governing the Western Oklahoma roll contact Terry Bruner, Anadarko Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005 (405/247-6673). Questions about the regulations governing the other two rolls should be directed to Thomas J. Ellison, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Federal Building, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401 (918/887-2296).

Applications for enrollment must be filed within 60 days after the effective date of the regulations.