Media Contact: Office of the Secretary
For Immediate Release: May 11, 1962

Visitors travelling to the Pacific Northwest will find many reasons for lingering beyond their visit to the Seattle World Fair in a special informational pamphlet being readied by the Department of the Interior.

The booklet details points of interest such as national parks and monuments, dams and recreational areas, fish hatcheries, public land camp sites, and Indian reservations administered by the Department. It indicates the availability of hotels, camping and picnicking areas, and point of entry communities offering accommodations. Special regulations regarding fishing, fires, mountain climbing, and pets are listed.

The publication will soon be available from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., for 20 cents.

Continued sale of the booklet is planned for post-fair years, and similar booklets on other sections of the Nation are planned.

"Many potential visitors to the Pacific Northwest who have heard of Mount Rainier or Yellowstone park are not acquainted with the many other outstanding attractions available en route," Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall said. "We are hopeful that as part of the Kennedy Administration's program for encouraging outdoor recreation many more Americans will become acquainted with their unique heritage."

Secretary Udall said a listing of attractions, all easily available from main highways, include Department of the Interior Recreation areas at Grand Coulee Dam, where 32 public camping grounds and nearby motels and hotels provide visitors with access to tours of the massive dam as well as camping, swimming, boating trips up the 151-mile long Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake, and viewing the illuminated dam at night. A listing of similar attractions at Hungry Horse Dam in Montana is included.

Lesser-known attractions range from details of the Oregon Caves National Monument with its striking stalagmites and miniature waterfalls, the strikingly different Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho, the restored frontier fort at Fort Simcoe, Washington, various rodeos, dances and other events at Indian reservations, and historic sites such as the Old Hudson Bay Company headquarters at Fort Vancouver National Monument in Washington and the Custer Battlefield National Monument in Montana.

The complete listing includes details on:

NATIONAL PARKS: Mount Rainier and Olympic (Wash.); Crater Lake (Ore.); Yellowstone (Ida., Mont., Wyo.); Grand Teton (Wyo.); and Glacier (Mont.).

NATIONAL MONUMENTS AND HISTORIC SITES: Oregon Caves, Fort CIatsop, and McLoughlin House (Ore.); Whitman and Fort Vancouver (Wash.); Big Hole and Custer (Mont.); and Craters of the Moon (Ida.).

RESERVOIR RECREATIONAL AREAS: Grand Coulee (Wash.) and Hungry Horse (Mont.).

INDIAN RESERVATIONS: Nez Perce (Ida.); Umatilla and Warm Springs (Ore.); Colville, Lummi, Spokane, Swinomish, Quinault, Tulalip and Yakima (Wash.); Wind River (Wyo.); and Blackfeet, Fort Belknap, Fort Peck, Flathead, Crow, Rocky Boy's and Northern Cheyenne (Mont.).

FISH HATCHERIES (Open to visitors): Hagerman (Ida.); Estacada (Ore.); and Longview, Carson, Entiat, Leavenworth, Cook, Quilcene, Underwood, Winthrop, and Yakima (Wash.)