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For Immediate Release: July 23, 1959

A $178,907.28 contract for construction of two bridges on Navajo Route 1 in New Mexico was awarded today by the Department of the Interior.

These bridges in San Juan County will replace two timber structures that no longer will carry the heavy traffic which the oil and mining operations in northern Arizona and southeastern Utah have generated.

One 2-span pre-stressed concrete box-girder bridge will be constructed across Rattlesnake Wash west of Shiprock, New Mexico, and one 6-spansteel-girder bridge with a concrete deck will cross the Red Rock Wash.

Funds will be provided from money appropriated for the improvement of Navajo-Hopi Routes 1 and 3.

These structures will carry the heavy traffic from State and Federal routes and traffic originating in the oil fields of Utah, as well as local and anticipated tourist traffic.

The Reeder Construction Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the lowest of 8 bids received, the higher bids ranging from $179,294.47 to $238,409.59.