Media Contact: Tozier - Interior 4306
For Immediate Release: May 9, 1962

A special exhibit, "Indian Handicraft, the True and the False," has been arranged in the Department of the Interior Museum at Washington, D. C., and will be displayed for two months.

Material for the exhibit was furnished by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the Department of the Interior and consists of Indian handicraft of all types, from jewelry to Indian dolls.

With the increasing demand for Indian handicraft, the manufacture and sale of imitations has become a huge industry, dwarfing the volume of sale of the genuine product. Products from foreign countries also have entered the market. Confusion has mounted in the minds of the public interested in Indian products and difficulty is frequently experienced in detecting the true from the false.

The exhibit will contain both the genuine and the imitation products and will help guide potential buyers. Literature to aid in differentiating between the two will be available during the display