Media Contact: Tozier - Int. 4306 | Information Service
For Immediate Release: May 25, 1959

Award of a contract for construction of two dormitories to house 512 Indian school children at Albuquerque, New Mexico was announced today by the Department of the Interior. The total cost or the structures will be $579,530.

The new one-story structures will be located on the grounds of the Albuquerque Indian School and will be ready for occupancy by the next school term. Each will contain over 31,000 square feet of floor space and will accommodate 256 pupils.

Some of these will attend the federally operated Albuquerque Indian School while others will probably be enrolled in the local public schools. All will be provided with food as well as lodging by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The successful bidder on the contract was Robert E. McKee, Inc., of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Seven higher bids were received ranging from $593,733 to $652,000.