Media Contact: Fast - Int. 4306 | Information Service
For Immediate Release: November 25, 1959

Award of a $3,079,459 contract for construction of school facilities that will provide for 719 additional Indian children at the Chinle School on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, was announced today by the Department of the Interior.

The contract provides for construction of a new educational plant to take care of 1,000 elementary pupils. The new buildings will replace existing overcrowded and obsolete facilities and will include a kitchen-dining room, a 34-classroom school building, four 256-pupil dormitories, an electrical generating plant, thirty 2-bedroom duplexes, nine 3-bedroom duplexes, six 6-unit efficiency apartments, and the necessary roads, walks and other site improvements.

The successful bidder was Lembke Construction Company, Inc., of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nine higher bids, ranging from $3,106,000 to $3,518,365 were received.