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For Immediate Release: April 18, 1980

Following President Carter's proclamation of April 22 as Earth Day '80, Commissioner Hallett today asked BIA Area Directors and Agency Superintendents to observe Earth Day by meeting with tribal officials to discuss environmental matters. The meetings are to be held the week of April 21-25 or soon after to "demonstrate the Bureau's recognition of our responsibilities for the protection and enhancement of environmental quality and our commitment to an ongoing dialogue with tribal officials regarding the environment," Hallett said.

A coalition of citizen and public interest groups is planning Earth Day '80 on the tenth anniversary of the original Earth Day in 1970. In his proclamation, President Carter urged the American people to "rededicate ourselves to the creation and maintenance of safe and healthy surroundings."

"I hope that, in the observance of Earth Day, each of you will make a personal commitment to the goal which the President has said we must achieve -- 'another decade of environmental progress,'" Hallett wrote to the BIA officials.