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For Immediate Release: May 16, 1978

Franklin L. Annette, a Chippewa Indian, has been appointed Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Technical Assistance Center in Denver, Interior Assistant Secretary Forrest Gerard announced today.

Annette in his new position will be responsible for the administration of programs designed to help Indian tribes and individuals to develop capabilities to construct, maintain, operate and manage tribal facilities and businesses.

He has worked in the BIA's Aberdeen, South Dakota, Area Office since 1973. He was Enrollment and Indian Rights Officer and then Director of Tribal Government and Indian Rights.

A 1968 graduate of the Moorhead, Minnesota State University Annette earned a Master's degree in education counseling from North Dakota State in 1973. He was an instructor and director of Indian programs at North Dakota while completing his studies there.

Annette, 37, has previously worked for the Lutheran Social Service of North Dakota and for the Department of Employment at St. Paul, Minnesota. He served in the United States Marine Corps 1961-1964.