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For Immediate Release: July 17, 1978

Bureau of Indian Affairs plans to poll Osage Indian descendants to obtain their views on the future form of the Osage tribal government.

Under existing legislation, the present system of tribal government will expire January 1, 1984, if not extended. The extent of authority of the present Osage tribal government is also being questioned in litigation by some tribal members.

In a July 10 letter to Osage tribal members, the BIA announced that, in its role as trustee, it will " involve itself directly in effort to assure for the Osage a continuing tribal government of their choice. The July 10 letter asked for information to complete mailing lists for the survey and requested suggestion on topics of questions to be included in the poll.

Bureau expects to be complete the survey by October, 1978.

Osage descendants, who may not have received the July 10 letter, are invited to send their mailing address to the BIA, Washington D.C. 20245 not later than July 28. They may also suggest material for inclusion on the questionnaire.