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For Immediate Release: January 30, 1980

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has asked Congress for Federal funding of $1.011 billion for Fiscal Year 1981, an increase of approximately $5 million over 1980 funding.

For the operation of Indian programs, the Bureau requested $823.3 million, which includes $264.7million for education programs; $221.2 for Indian services; $74.6 for economic development and employment programs; $80.1 for natural resources development; $44.1 for trust responsibilities, and $138.6 for general management and facilities operations.

The balance of the request includes $93.6 million for construction of buildings, utilities and irrigation systems; $59.4 million for road construction; $30 million for Alaska Native Claims. Settlement, and $5 million for the Northwest Indian fisheries.

An increase of $19 million wa1 requested for Indian services. $4.3 million of the increase will be for social services related to provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act. The increased funding will also provide for meeting the needs of newly recognized Indian tribes and strengthening Indian tribal courts.

Bureau education programs will have a decrease of $7 million, with the largest part of this, $3.9 million, coming from the funding for tribally controlled community colleges.

For natural resources development, the Bureau has requested an increase in $6 million for forestry and agriculture programs.

The $5 million requested for the Northwest Indian fisheries fund would be the first increment of a $15 million fund to assist Indian tribes or corporations in the northwestern states to modernize and develop treaty-tribe fishing operations under proposed legislation.