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For Immediate Release: February 20, 1980

The establishment of an Administrative Services Center for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was announced today by Commissioner of Indian Affairs William E. Hallett.

The Center will combine four separate administrative processing units from offices in Albuquerque and a management planning function of the Central Office. The Center will be a central location for the Bureau's Automatic Data Processing (ADP) systems development and administrative support.

Commissioner Hallett said the establishment of the Center is part of the BIA's overall management improvement. He said that the new single unit will provide better coordination of administrative services, instead of the four different programs of the past. The Center is designed to streamline the Bureau's system for processing of paperwork.

"The organization of the Administrative Services Center is a vital step towards increasing the BIA's ability to provide quicker and more responsive services to the Indian people and to the tribal governments," said Hallett.

The Bureau is developing a new state of technology ADP system. The Center would be the focal point for this information network between the Central Office, the Area Offices, and the Agency level offices.

The Center will bring together in one unit the ADP policy planning staff, the Division of ADP services, Administrative Systems Task Force Office, a property inventory services unit, and the Field Administration Office.