While the Trust Land Consolidation program is being implemented at a Reservation location, eligible landowners with eligible fractional interests in eligible tracts of land at the location may receive a purchase offer package in the mail.

Participation in the program is voluntary. If you are not interested in participating, disregard the offer; no further action is necessary. If you choose to sell some or all of the fractional land interests included in your purchase offer, you will be paid fair market value for each interest sold. Your payment will be deposited directly into your Individual Indian Money (IIM) account. Interests sold are immediately transferred to Tribal trust ownership for uses benefitting Tribal members and the Reservation community.

Purchase Offer Package Documents

Trust Land Consolidation purchase offer packages contain the following documents and a pre-addressed return envelope:

  • Cover Letter (Sample): The cover letter contains important information about the program and your purchase offer, including the deadline for participation, contacts if you have questions or need assistance, and terms of sale.
  • Instructions (Sample): The instruction sheet provides step-by-step directions if you decide to accept the purchase offer and sell some or all of your fractional interests. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before filling out any of the offer documents.
  • Deed (Sample | Guidance): The deed is a legal document indicating that the landowner agrees to convey interests selected on the inventory to the Tribe. No changes may be made to the deed. To accept the purchase offer, the deed must be signed in front of and acknowledged by a notary public.
  • Inventory (Sample | Guidance): The inventory lists fractional interests you own which the program is offering to purchase, along with the appraised value of each interest. The inventory has two parts: a summary, on which you select the interest(s) you wish to sell, and corresponding detail page(s), on which more information about each interest is provided.

Accepting a Purchase Offer

To accept the purchase offer, carefully read and follow the instructions included in your package. Once you have selected the interests you wish to sell and signed your deed in front of a notary public, return all pages of the purchase offer with a barcode at the bottom in the provided return envelope. You must return the original documents for your sale to be processed. We encourage you to make a copy of the documents for your records.

Accepted purchase offers must be mailed no later than the deadline provided in the cover letter.

For added assurance and security, you may choose to mail your documents via FedEx or the US Postal Service with tracking instead of using the provided return envelope. If you use an alternative mailing method, be sure to send your documents to the address printed on the envelope provided in your package (excluding the last four digits of the zip code, 9900):

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Trust Land Consolidation Program
14800 Landmark Blvd STE 300
Dallas, TX 75254

Please allow up to 60 days for processing. You will be notified by mail after the sale is approved and your payment is processed.

Additional Information

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