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Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities. The Missing and Murdered Unit within the Office of Justice Services focuses on analyzing and solving missing and murdered cases involving American Indians and Alaska Natives.

American Indian and Alaska Native people are at a disproportionate risk of experiencing violence, murder, or going missing and make up a significant portion of the missing and murdered cases. The Missing and Murdered Unit within the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Justice Services (BIA-OJS) investigates missing and murdered cases in pursuit of justice for those impacted by violence.

The BIA/OJS Missing & Murdered Unit (MMU) investigates unsolved missing and murdered cases which occurred in Indian Country, in addition, provide federal technical assistance to tribal law enforcement who have P.L. 93-638 Contract where MMU assistance is requested by Tribal Law Enforcement leadership. With regards to Missing and Murdered cases that occur off an Indian Reservation (Non-Jurisdiction Cases), and or P.L. 83-280 status tribes, but involve a Native American/Alaska Native victim, the MMU can offer federal technical assistance to those Law Enforcement Authorities upon their request from Tribal Law Enforcement Leadership, and in some cases, can assist with investigations upon receipt of an official request. The MMU Unit is also available to assist with “Acute” missing or murder cases upon an assistance request from the law enforcement authorities who have jurisdiction over the reported case. An "Acute" missing or murder case is defined as as a current case to where life or imminent danger to a Native American/Alaskan Native exists and loss of time is critical. Other factors are an agencies lack of manpower to actively handle the demands of a reported “Acute” missing person case.

If in immediate danger, please call 911.

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What You Need to Know


Missing or murdered individuals in Indian Country are members of our communities, of which our law enforcement officers are closely connected. The pictures of individuals are provided by family members to help the public share and submit tips and information that can help law enforcement give closure to families.

  • Rupert Leo Brown

    Missing Person
    Rupert Leo Brown
    Last Known Location
    Riverton, WY
    Agent Name
    Steven Red Cloud
    Investigating Agency
  • James Limberhand

    Missing Person
    James Limberhand
    Last Known Location
    Crow Agency, MT
    Agent Name
    Garrick DeClay
    Investigating Agency
    FBI and BIA OJS Missing and Murdered Unit
  • Tracy Michelle Samuels

    Missing Person
    Tracy Michelle Samuels
    Last Known Location
    Tulsa, OK
    Agent Name
    Vincent Marcellino
    Investigating Agency
    BIA OJS Missing and Murdered Unit and Glenpool Police Department


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