General Grant Proposal Best Practices

Project Compatibility: Evaluate how closely your project aligns with the goals of the solicitation and the likeliness of being awarded based on the review criteria before responding to the grant solicitation.

Cost-Benefit: Determine the amount of time and resources it will take to construct the proposal compared to the project compatibility, economic benefit, and the overall likeliness of being awarded.

Evaluation of Requirements: Ensure all the grant proposal requirements have been met.

Proposal Overview: In order to clearly understand your justification for the grant request, write a brief (one half to one page) overview of the project and how it aligns with funding agency and grant in question and why the funding agency should fund it. Work to provide a thorough and clear discussion of the project and how it relates to the goals of the grant.

Define the Funding Impact: Describe how many people are impacted by the need of the grant and who will benefit and how they will benefit from the grant. Identify the methodology used for your analysis of impact and need.

Evaluation Plan: Describe how the project will be evaluated and how the findings will be reported.

Appendices: Ensure that the requested appendices are provided, i.e. resumes of staff critical to the project, financial statements etc.

Previous Proposal Re-Use: Do not re-use previous proposals. Proposals should be specific to the project, identifying the phase of the project, and expected outcomes of the project.

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