Dates: November 01, 2017 12:00am to 12:00am

Author: Robyn Broyles

After more than forty years of service to the Bureau of Indian Affairs wildland fire management community, long-time dispatcher, mentor, friend and colleague, Frank Bedonie, announces his retirement.

Frank began his journey with us forty plus years ago as a Range Technician for the Navajo Land Settlement Act. He then became the Fire Management Officer for the Ute Mountain Agency. His experience as a wildland firefighter and Fire Management Officer made him a valued resource for the Durango Dispatch Center. It was here he started his dispatching career that lasted more than 22 years.

Initial attack dispatchers play a fundamental roll in wildland fire management as they are responsible for mobilizing, tracking and managing field personnel. In addition to this, they review and sign contracts, develop interagency agreements and ensures field personnel’s training records are current. In short, they serve as important glue that helps hold a fire management program together.

After gaining experience as an initial attack dispatcher, he took his first Coordinator position in 2002 at the Rocky Mountain Coordination Center in Lakewood, CO. Here, Bedonie took on greater responsibilities and transitioned from a local resource to one that was responsible for allocating and prioritizing resources between dispatcher centers spread across Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and a portion of North Dakota.

Coordinator positions serve strategic function for BIA, which is why the Branch of Wildland Fire Management funds four positions nationally. Bedonie’s presence at Rocky Mountain served as a bridge that connected the unique rural areas of Indian Country to the connected world outside of Indian Country.

In 2004, Bedonie made his last career move to become the Operations Coordinator for the Southwest Coordination Center in Albuquerque, NM. Serving for 12 years in one of the nation’s busiest geographic areas, Bedonie has become a well-loved and appreciated member of the Southwest Region’s fire management team. Over time, he has help train several staff members while passing his vast knowledge onto other employees.

Frank spent his early school years on the Navajo Nation and later to Flagstaff, AZ. After completing high school in Flagstaff, he attended Northern Arizona University to study Liberal arts.

When not working, Bedonie enjoys interacting with other natives in cultural activities and exploring new places and making new friends.

We wish him all the best in his retirement and thank him for his many long and dedicated years of service to Indian Country. Be well!!

Frank Bedonie at the 2016 Division of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management National Conference. Frank Bedonie at the 2016 Division of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management National Conference.

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