Dates: February 01, 2017 12:00am to 12:00am

Author: Robyn Broyles

It is often said by bureau and non-bureau employees that Bureau of Indian Affairs is different. While working in and for Indian Country presents its unique set of challenges and rewards, when it comes to Interagency Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations, better known as the “Red Book,” BIA is now not-so-different.

Starting this year, BIA will occupy Chapter 6 of the Redbook, condensing its unique program guidance into 22 tidy pages. BIA will no longer maintain the BIA Wildland Fire & Aviation Program Management and Operations Guide, known as the “Blue Book.”

This migration to the Red Book has many advantages. It is interagency in nature and shows BIA fire programs are consistent with its federal partners. It also allows all program managers a single source document to reference guidance, regardless of the jurisdiction a firefighter is working in.

Like other Bureaus, Chapter 6 clarifies BIA’s mission to enhance the quality of life, promote economic opportunities and protect and improve the trust assets of American Indians, Indian Tribes and Alaskan Natives. In meeting this mission, the Book improves transparency so fiduciary administrative lanes are clearer. For our interagency audience, it also explains how BIA uses contracts and compacts to manage fire protection services on behalf of 576 federally recognized Tribes. These services are important because they uniquely define the trust relationship BIA, and all Branches of the United States Government, have with all Tribes.

Other unique topics found in Chapter 6 include Tribal Disaster Assistance, Budget Management and motor vehicle operations policy. It also identifies a complete overview of BIA’s National Aviation Program.

The Redbook is reviewed annually with the final draft due in early December. If people have questions or information they feel is necessary to add to Chapter 6, please contact Garth Fisher, BIA Training Supervisor at

Interagency Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations Interagency Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations

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